Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Work - #3

I was browsing through old photos on my computer when I came across this. Yes. That's a wallaby in sunglasses. Brad and I studied abroad in Australia in college. This was one of our many adventures.

It got me looking through some of my old adventures in photography. And I thought I'd share!

Melbourne, Australia

Outside of Manhattan, Kansas

Sydney, Australia

 Sydney, Australia

Bendigo, Australia

Marfa, Texas 

 Outside of Marion, Kansas

Culver City, California

I used to be really interested in photography. I suppose I still am, I just don't seem to have time any more to focus on it. My plate is pretty full as it is! Hopefully someday I can get back into it...


  1. Those are some really great shots! I always feel like that... there are 3 or 4 things I'd love to involve myself in that I know I'd love, but I barely have the time to do laundry right now. Still, you've got a lot of talent!


  2. Thank you! I figure someday I'll be able to get into it again... or I'll find some entirely different exciting hobby to occupy my time! Which is actually what will probably happen. There are just too many fun things out there to try.

  3. Wow these are incredible!


  4. These photos are gorgeous! Of course I got a kick out of the wallaby in sunnies...he rocks :) I hope you get to pick up your camera for a day -- just to take photos. I know your pictures will be awesome! :)


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